RADAR logic

The model is based on the so-called RADAR logic, which consists of four elements:

– Results- results
– Approach – an approach
– Deployment – deployment,
– Assessment and Refine – evaluation and improvement

RADAR logic (RADAR evaluation system) – a dynamic scoring system and user-friendly management tool, provides a structured approach to the analysis of the functioning of. In very general terms RADAR logic prescribes the organization:

determine the results, which is necessary to achieve as part of its strategy.
Plan and develop an integrated network-based approach to achieve the desired results at present and in the future.
systematically Deploy approaches, ensuring their implementation.
measure and improve the approaches and deployment by monitoring and analyzing the results achieved and ongoing activities on the study.

The results should be comprehensive, current, reliable, exact, properly segmented and consistent with the strategy and the needs and expectations of stakeholders. It should be understood the relationship of individual results and their impact on each other. They should be identified and ranked according to the priorities of Key Results.
QUALITY RESULTS: In an excellent organization results demonstrate a positive trend and / or stable high level. Key results for the set reasonable targets, reached or exceeded. Keyword results are external comparisons, they are favorable for the organization, especially, and a comparison with the best competitors in the sector and a world-class companies. Understanding of the relationship between the key opportunities and outcomes creates confidence, that sustained success will be achieved in the future.
An approach
AN APPROACH – It `s that, that the organization plans to make, and the reasons for this. Based approach is based on the current and future needs of the organization; it is carried out within clearly defined processes and clearly focused on the needs of all participants in these processes. Besides, approaches must be integrated, ie. approach should be driven strategy and is connected with other relevant approaches. The approach should be to make timely improvements.
DEPLOYMENT – It `s that, as an organization implementing the approach. In an excellent organization the approach is applied systematically in all the required fields. Systematic requires precise planning and the use of appropriate methods of work. It should be possible timely change management approach.
Evaluation and improvement
EVALUATION AND IMPROVEMENT – It `s that, what is being done to improve the organization of both the approach, and its deployment. In an excellent organization the approach, and deployment are regularly monitored in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, carried out for the study activities, the practice realization of new ideas to improve the approaches. The measurement results, learning and creative searches are used for identification, identifying priorities, planning and implementation of improvements and innovations.

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