History of competition “Quality Innovation of the Year”

History of competition

Quality Innovation of the Year

("Quality Innovation of the Year")

2007-2017 gg.

Первый конкурс Quality Innovation of the Year ("Quality Innovation of the Year") It was organized in Finland 2007 year. The event was originally positioned as a national competition in Finland, but soon gained wide popularity and prestige among experts in the field of quality, the number of participants has increased significantly and now includes the following countries: Finland (2007), Estonia (2010), Sweden (2011), Latvia (2012), Hungary (2013), Czech Republic (2013), Kazakhstan (2014) Israel (2014) Spain (2015) and Lithuania (2015) .Today, the competition "Quality Innovation of the Year" is an important international event with the participation of the best companies from many countries, wishing to participate in this year and the near future. The initiator of the organization of this competition is a national non-profit organization Laatukeskus (perfect society) Finland.

AT 2014 , Kazakhstan was first introduced as part of the organizing committee of the international competition of Kazakhstan organization of quality and innovation management (Kokimi).

In the same year in the competition for the first time took part in two Kazakhstani organization. Our country was represented by the National Research Medical Center (NNMC) g.Astana, and Semey State Medical University (GMU) Semey.

According to the results of the jury members, Kazakhstan National Scientific Medical Center (NNMC) HIFU with the project was the winner of the "Quality Innovation 2014" in the area of ​​potential innovation (Potential Innovations).

Deserved success and the second debutant contest – Semey State Medical University (GMU), Kazakhstan project was a finalist for "quality innovation award".

In the past, 2015 , the best were recognized 14 innovations. All works, The winning, We passed careful selection and evaluation criteria, taking into account high, such as - the value and relevance of innovation, its effectiveness, ease of use and further training, customer orientation and society. Best innovation, passing stage on appropriate criteria, strict international jury evaluated with the participation of independent experts from the European camp, including international auditing company Deloitte, chaired by Hannele Pohjola, Director of the Confederation of Finnish Industries.

note, this time among the winners and participants of this prestigious international event was already five of our compatriots - Kazakhstani innovators, whose innovative projects have passed through a rigorous national (qualifying) "Quality Innovation 2015" competition tour, (September, 2015 year, Almaty) and become candidates for further participation in the International competition «Quality innovation 2015"

our compatriots, representatives "of the Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical University" – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Azhumakan Zhamalov and Master of Physics Kunelbaev Murat became the winners of the contest in the category "Potential Innovation" for his development of the "micro-HPP". The project is a micro hydro type birotornogo, able to provide electricity to a large part of the autonomous consumers, located in remote areas and decentralized.

He received an honorary diploma and a professor Zharylkasyn Sadykov from Almaty («Research and Production Center of resource-saving technologies," SAPA ") for the innovative EMC-1 project, – electromagnetic stimulator for threshing and seed crops.

Entrepreneur Bazaar Uzabaev (Almaty city) It awarded a diploma of the competition for an innovative way to deep-processing and processing of vegetable raw materials, which allows you to keep in finished food products to 80-90% nutrients.

Bidder was also a representative of the East Kazakhstan State Technical University. D. Serikbaeva, Candidate of Technical Sciences Andrey Vavilov with the project – "The production line for the manufacture of steel fiber from industrial wastes".

Another Kazakh innovator – Directory Number 'INNOTYeKhPROYeKT', Professor Sarsenbek Montaev (g. Uralsk) He presented at the contest innovative project titled "Technology of complex processing of chert - flask to create a light and durable artificial gravel, bulk insulation material and a sorbent for water purification and biofiltration ".

note, for the first time in the jury of the International Competition «Quality innovation of the year» as an expert attended one of the best specialists in the field of the quality of our country's President Kazakhstan organization of quality and innovation management. (Kokimi), Academician of the International Academy of Quality (USA), Assessor of the European Foundation for Quality Management (Belgium), Prof. Azat Abdrakhmanov.

Organizational support for participation in the contest "Quality Innovation of the Year" 2014 and 2015 Kazakhstan's innovators also had a national partner of the contest – Kazakhstan quality organization and management innovation ".

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