Discussion Club "WORLD QUALITY": Painful points Kazakhstan education

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AT 2016 year we will continue our "Discussion Club", and the first actual topic, with which we plan to start its work - to discuss the situation, prevailing in educational system of Kazakhstan.


The purpose of the Discussion Club - to identify the problems, existing in the field of national education, identify possible solutions and determine the conditions, promoting the development and updating of our strany.V under the rubric of the education system we will provide an opportunity to express their opinion on this tematikeekspertam education, State and obschestvennymdeyatelyam, politicians, MPs,scientists, entrepreneurs and all those,who care about the future generation of education.

In his address to the nation "Kazakhstan in the new global reality: growth, reform, development"President H. Nazarbayev among other tasks outlined, that improving the quality of education – One of the priorities of the state policy.

Not a secret, that today the education system in Kazakhstan demonstrates a combination of achievements and remaining challenges in the fast-growing economy. The positive achievements mozhnootnesti rapid expansion of access to early childhood education, almost full coverage of secondary education, as well as a gradual improvement of technical, vocational and higher education.

Nevertheless, today in Kazakhstan is acute in many sectors of the economy is a problem with the presence of highly qualified specialists. Notably, that the reason for their lack is not a lack of human resources or institutions, involved in the preparation of these specialists, in front of, the country has a high unemployment rate and redundancy schools.

Percentage of the number of schools to the total number of the population is one of the highest in the world, and at times higher than in developed countries. The main reason for suddenly arisen problems – the low level of preparedness of graduates of educational institutions.

It should be noted, that the Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Education periodically conducts work to remedy the situation. In particular, It reduces the number of higher education institutions and their branches, tightened requirements for passing the universities and Susa planned accreditation, It carried out a series of reforms of the learning process,the relationship of teachers with students, forms of students' knowledge checks, requirements for teachers, etc..

but, despite all the measures Kazakhstan has not received the final result in the form of well-trained personnel, which would satisfy the needs of the internal labor market, both from the standpoint of the number of, and quality.

How to achieve a qualitative breakthrough the situation with Kazakhstan's education?

The main directions of the proposed discussion:

"Higher education. Vocational education. Compliance with international standards. Trends and Prospects ".

"Reducing the level of preparation of students. How to solve the problem of lack of qualified staff ".

"UNT - summarizing recent years. Comparative analysis. Compliance with international standards. Trends and Prospects "

These are the main questions, which we submit for discussion the first members of the Discussion kluba.Hotite express their views on the subject raised by us? Our elektronnayapochta - gazeta@standard.kz.

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