Mission and Vision

public association, created in September 2002. A member of the Middle East Quality Association (TANK), associate member of the European Organization for Quality (EOC). AT 2002 g. KOKIM established monthly professional newspaper "World of Quality". KOKIM members are more 300 quality professionals from all regions of Kazakhstan.

Our mission
KOKIM main mission is to assist companies and organizations in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries of the former Soviet Union in the achievement of high competitiveness of products and services, as well as strengthening consumer confidence and other stakeholders in the conditions of global economic crisis through the introduction of advanced international management systems, innovative approaches and methodologies.

our vision
The main objective of KOKIM activity is, to create and strengthen regional infrastructure, aimed at the development of organizations and enterprises in the region and increase their competitiveness in local and international markets. Such structure includes the following elements:

  • Regional and international fora on issues of quality management and promotion of other international management system, approaches and methodologies;
  • Fielding of international seminars for managers and quality specialists with a visit to the economically developed countries of the world (Japan, Sweden, France, Italy, Singapore, China, etc.. d.);
  • Consulting services for businesses and organizations, interested in implementing management systems based on ISO standards;
  • Rendering services in certification of management systems internationally recognized authorities in compliance with the international ISO standards, as well as product quality and personnel in accordance with the requirements of the State system of technical regulation of RK.;
  • Provision of services for the promotion and implementation of the EFQM Excellence Model and other licensed products of the organization, including the training of specialists at the training courses KOKIM Assessment EFQM experts.