History of the organization

Kazakhstan Organization of Quality and Innovation Management (Kokimi) It was established in 2002 year g. Almaty (The Republic of Kazakhstan) and it was called the International Association of Quality Managers and Auditors (Assessor) before the official re-registration of the name in January 2013 city, in accordance with the wishes of many professionals and experts, commitment to quality ideas in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian states (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and others.).

KOKIM is a nonprofit, non-governmental public association in the region, which set itself the goal to promote the improvement of the quality of life through the application of modern achievements in the field of quality management. We were the first to promote the idea of ​​quality in Central Asia, and we are proud of it!

FROM 2002 of the year, over the next 11 years, we tried to improve the quality of management of enterprises and organizations, conducted numerous international conferences and forums, dealing with quality problems. Strategic Partner Management, European Foundation for Quality(EFQM), Member of the European Organization for Quality(AND WHAT) and members of the Asia network quality(ANQ). The Association publishes in Central Asia only professional newspaper "World of Quality", which is distributed in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

We are working closely with government agencies in these countries and are working hard, to introduce modern management system.